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Every company has marketing goals that they want to reach. It is an integral part of having a successful business. Without goals, the business can be in danger of simply existing instead of thriving and flourishing. Your marketing goals should be realistic and push your boundaries a bit so they aren’t TOO easy to reach. Growth in a company comes from setting goals that challenge, not goals that are simple and easy. Social media enables companies to reach the marketing goals they have much faster due to the large visitor reach these venues provide.

Content Management involves many different hats but all of them play important roles in the success of your website or blog. Having great content on your website or blog is not as simple as just putting anything up and hoping people will read it. There is a whole process that goes on behind the scenes before that piece of content ever sees the World Wide Web.  It’s the job of the content management team to ensure that the content that goes onto your websites and blogs is high quality, that grammar and spelling are error free, that the content is engaging and interesting and conveys the tone that you want your business to show the world.

If you have some kind of online presence, you’ve probably heard of Affiliate Marketing before. It is a marketing initiative that is widely used by a variety of businesses to promote their products and/or services online.
In short, it is “a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission”