The Art of Running Successful Fundraising Events

Community based organizations, non-profits, and local partnerships are essential for creating a healthy and flourishing community; but securing funding, building engagement, and sharing your organizational mission with the broader community can be a tall order, especially when you are already busy organizing and running your core programs. Fundraising events are…
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4 Proven Strategies to Find Event Sponsors

Successful events require meticulous attention to detail, creative flair, and, of course, financial support. Event sponsorships are a great way to elevate your event, attract new attendees, and offer a Return on Investment beyond a great time. Acquiring sponsorships requires a strategic approach, and Acquire Talent is here to help.…
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Making the Most of Social Media Marketing

Now more than ever, businesses have the opportunity to engage with customers and potential customers in much more effective ways. This is mostly in part to the world’s attention and focus on social media in its many forms. A company that doesn’t utilize this popular avenue for connecting with customers…
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